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Saturday, 22 April 2017

13 Reasons Why (Series Review)

When people leave us for reasons that we can't understand, it changes and affects us forever. Some consider it "attention seeking", others feel surprised and some people become lost like a piece of their life has died. This Netflix series teaches us about Mental Health and how we can't see how people are affected by words and life itself. It shows a poignant message about loneliness and teenage suicide. And by the end of it, you'll feel more connected and sympathetic to the characters than ever. You might even learn to be more kind to people, you could save a life.
As you learn the story of why Hannah Baker took her own life and how the 7 Tapes she left behind will help her friend Clay Jensen discover the reasons why!
At an American Highschool in Northern California, Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) is a teenage girl who committed suicide a week ago and has affected the school's atmosphere.
Whilst many students sympathise and support her with the #neverforget, others just want to move on instead of being reminded. But for her classmate Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette), he feels alone and keeps reminiscing about his now dead friend.
But later on in the day, he finds a package addressed to him and inside he finds 7 audio cassette tapes. Clay is astonished to hear it's Hannah's voice and how she is now addressing him with the story of her life and explaining all the reasons why she took her own life and why he is one of the reasons. Will these tapes hold the answers as to why she decided to commit suicide? And what hurtful revelations will Clay learn from them?

I've seen my friends all over Facebook talk about this series (which is based on a 2007 novel by Jay Asher) and how it's sad tale will emotionally stir you up and open your eyes to the cruel reality behind suicide. I admit it's not the best topic to think about, but with all the recent years of Mental Health Awareness and how people are being encouraged to come forward and talk about their feelings no matter what, it's one of the most important subjects to never feel ashamed or embarrassed to discuss. Because words of wisdom can helps save lives and we can learn from the most honest expressions on how people really feel, even if they seem fine to us when we're not seeing the bigger picture.

My friend Tommy had been hinting things that help understand the series better without spoiling anything luckily.
The fact story is split into memory fragments, it was curious and interesting to learn from him that the past moments have an orange "light" kind of atmosphere as if the colour is really coming out as we witness Hannah's history and when the memory stops, we re-enter the blue atmosphere where Clay has stopped witnessing ghosts of the past as he follows Hannah's footsteps that is her timeline. What I'm trying to say is that it's light in the past because she's alive and then it's gloomy in the present because she isn't alive anymore.
It must be hard but also really good acting to make the characters so two-faced as well as plotting out their facial expressions and standing spots when they witness and imagine the history of Hannah and then they snap out of it and are in the same spot, only she's not there anymore.
It's a great effect that helps define the differences in time and the story as well. It reminds me of the great character and plot development that we witness in Batman Begins and Man Of Steel where the flashbacks help shape the story and helps dive deeper into the character's feelings that shaped them into who they were meant to become and why.

This TV series is really powerful because of it's realism that makes it stand out but also different to many shows that we've seen before. It's on-going mystery grasps the viewers attention whilst keeping us confused as to who's telling the truth: Hannah or her bullies? I was trying to be sceptical and think up how this could end like if it will be diabolical like in Gone Girl or if true justice will be laid out for all their wrong doings that lead someone to end her life.
But most importantly, it's showing the cruel and brutal fact that words can hurt people more than sticks and stones. It turns that old fashioned phrase on itself because most of our generation is quite spiteful when it comes to growing up. The need to put others down to make one's self more better is awful.
"I'm not talking the garden variety lonely in a crowd lonely. That's everyone, every day. And it's not that "when will I find love" kind of lonely. Or that "the popular kids are me to me" kind of lonely. The popular kids are always mean. That's how they get popular. I know. Ironic. Old new." - Hannah Baker
I've had my fair share of being bullied throughout my School Days where I was thrown verbal abuse every day for many years and even going to the teachers never really solved it. If anything, I confirmed in that post that I had lots of dormant anger inside of me like a volcano and I felt cheated with the fact that I wasn't strong enough to ever fight back or grow a back bone back then until now. But I did learn after sharing those important facts with everyone and being rewarded with so much positive attention and praise that I began to move forward from remembering those awful memories. Sure, I've been molded a bit into the man that I am thanks to those school memories but then again, I have outdone myself and achieved a lot thanks to the fact that I kept moving forward, learning new things and growing up a little later than everyone else.

I actually started writing this out as I watched the first couple episodes per day and as I learned more and got to episode 4, I began to see a whole new view on the series. I felt sad and remorseful for Hannah and Clay but I also felt more sympathy for Clay because of his relationship to Hannah and how his dumb and lack of answers helped Hannah feel more awkward when things got bad per episode. But then again, I actually developed mixed views on Hannah because of her cheeky and sarcastic personality which if I'm honest sorta led up to some of the events that took place and the sad fact that Clay was there and she didn't exactly latch onto him when she kept to herself or went for the wrong people.
Rumours and cellphones are horrible tools of destruction in high school, saw that from watching The Duff film and Mean Girls and it's not fair that selfish a**holes think doing something funny has no ill affects on someone's life and everyone else's views on that person in a cesspool environment that is high school.
But admittedly, I was cringing a lot at how Clay caused awkward tension in the present when his hallucinations and imagination got the better of him, causing him to hear and see things that stunned me until he snaps back to reality. And I was also taken in by Hannah's powerful monologues filled with quotes that make you think hard and some hit hard if you can relate.

I spent a lot of the time watching with a clench fist because of seeing how people betrayed her and left her hurt and now in the present, they are paying the price and are becoming so paranoid because Clay is on the trail to solve the case. The sheer audacity of their denial and disregard for believing that they lead her to her death is unbelievable and it's their paranoia and collaboration that make me fear for Clay's safety because of these multiple antagonists who plan to stop him if he doesn't stop first. I boldy say this, I would not have any of that threatening behaviour at all, I'd be rash and reckless with my temper and probably walk away with cuts and bruises but I know I would have done something instead of blabbing out the truth to everyone and get myself into trouble as well.

Speaking from the heart and referencing my New Year, New Me post from the beginning of 2017. But last year, a work colleague took his life and none of us ever saw it coming. He was one of the most enlightened guys I'd ever met. When he saw me stressed from work, he'd tell me to "find my inner peace" and to "always live my life!" I only wish that he could have done the same for himself. For personal reasons, I won't share his name or his reasons why. But at the time, I was devastated and spent several times that day crying in the toilets. To see how much of a scar it can leave on everyone that you've ever connected with is one of the hardest realities to endure and death will come to affect us many times in our lives as we keep moving forward and people's times come to pass.
Even I had curious thoughts when my Anxiety and slight Depression would get the better of me, but I can say whole heartedly that I can't ever see myself sinking this low. To see how much improvement I end up making everyday and how valued I am by friends and family is a good enough reason to live my life to the best despite the ill feelings, medical affections and lonely thoughts that I live with. The fact that I have achieved things that I'd never anticipated 10 years ago is a truly amazing and eye-opening fact that encourages me to always push forward, smile every day no matter what and to never forget how far I have come and how much I grow every single day!

However I think it's more important to state that "It’s a noble idea, but unfortunately it’s embedded in a show that doesn’t effectively explore mental health and that ultimately uses suicide as the catalyst for a revenge fantasy." -'s review of the series.
The screenshot and the page itself which I encourage you to look at as I have, shows the truth behind how this series does come across differently to what it was trying to portray.

The show is rated 18 for a reason, thanks to actually seeing the unfathomable, unthinkable and soul crushing moment that Hannah kills herself and the last 3 episodes hold disturbing scenes that are hard to watch. I figured I should spoil that because it can affect the viewers really badly and they are all strong reasons why this series has been negatively criticised online. But then again, the creators stated before that "it was intended to make people uncomfortable and to show the painful and irreversible consequences of suicide". Selena Gomez was actually going to portray Hannah but ended up being an Executive Producer for the series and she was trying to help raise awareness as well as stand by the creators decision and portray. They explain more in the extra episode Beyond The Reasons where they confirm their thoughts and explain their reasons behind the series, which is worth a watch as well when your done. Nevertheless, it's tough that many people have been offended and triggered by how this series has been using suicide as an entertainment purpose instead of showing a more helpful and deep approach instead of a mystery drama.

Like the House M.D series (I'm still trying to write that review up), the show has a good variety of music played during past and present moments. From acoustic guitar tracks, to modern pop as well as sentimental and emotional songs that hit hard and they all blend into the drama like ingredients in a recipe. I spent a lot Shazaming the tracks and hope that I can find a list online of all the tracks used. Though I did find on iTunes, the ambient tracks that were composed for the series and some of the songs used, but not all of them.
I found this song last year when I was dealing with how to express my Anxiety and I think it'll help those that are struggling right now!
The opening intro is a short and quick one where it's all drawings like from a diary and shows silhouettes of car headlights and a boy cycling which feature in the first episode. I like how when I was searching for the title for this post, I found this website which showed 12 character posters for the series, but I didn't want to share them all as they would spoil the plot, so if you're interested it's here.

The last episode... all I can say is just WOW. It's still hard to accept the fact that she's gone and he couldn't save her. To confirm how everything that's led up to now and how actions were about to take place to disclose all the secrets was filling me with much anticipation. But I was hurt and astonished badly when seeing that scene and couldn't imagine how families much react to finding their loved one is now gone.
But I believe that by seeing this series, it's reminded me of many important facts and feelings and I hope it's approach to awareness encourages more people to come forward and speak their minds if they are hurt or feel lost. You have no idea how much of a scar you can leave on your family and friends, they'll never be the same or recover because you chose to take an irrational action with no take backs. I know that's a serious and harsh thing to say, but I've had to say those words to someone very close to me when he considered doing it, and I had to stop him. And since then, I've been hearing him out all the time and trying to help him enjoy life.
I hope that this series will help you understand to value your life and always remember that you are valued by everyone! Please, live your life, take chances, smile everyday, think positive thoughts etc These are just some of the words off my Poster that I bought to help myself when I feel low as well.
"No one knows for certain how much impact they have on the lives of other people." - Hannah Baker
I hope that the story continues in another season - that's right. The story is far from over!  And I hope that justice is carried out and all these cliffhangers are answered. But it all depends now if the series will continue and not end up cancelled, which I hope it doesn't.

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